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Founded in 2017 and based in Calgary, Alberta, 3D Printed Homes Corporation is a socially conscious home builder dedicated to building a world where housing is a right, not a privilege. Our short-term goal is to meet the housing challenge by printing structures, habitable and otherwise using 3D Printed Construction. With several projects in design phase, we are currently in R&D, testing our materials and improving on our business model.

OUR VISION is to see every family living in a home that is affordable and meets their needs.

OUR MISSION is to reduce the cost of housing by using advanced technology and materials.

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Done Deal

It's Simple.

Effective, safe, and affordable housing has far-reaching benefits.

Decreased taxpayer support costs

Increased economic participation

Increased high school completion rates

Increased workforce participation

...resulting in

Addiction reduction

Alcoholism reduction
Domestic abuse reduction
Reduced policing costs
Reduced incarceration rates

...and it certainly doesn't end there!

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